Wellness Wednesday Activities

Portage Middle School - Wellness Wednesday Activities

Staff Digital Scavenger Hunt

Using your phone, capture pictures of the following (see list below).  When you have finished, you can come to room 101 to claim your prize.   You may not use pictures from the Internet.  You will have to take pictures inside or outside of the Portage building

1. A bird sitting on a wire

2. Someone walking their pet

3. A foreign car logo

4. An American car logo

5. A corporate logo that has nothing to do with a vehicle of any kind

6. Something orange

7. Smiling eyes

8. Something associated with a movie (character, title, etc)

9. A superhero

10. Something/someone you’re thankful for

11. Someone dancing

12. Something that brings you joy

13. Something that brings you peace

14. Something associated with a tv show (character, title, etc)

15. A naturally occurring object that forms a letter (tree, cloud, etc)